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Zajel Express initiated its journey as a Package forwarding company for international customers who are eager to buy items from US-based websites that do not provide worldwide shipping. We provide our consumers with a reliable access to their desired retailers by a US residential address, and dispatched their packages from our distribution centers to any corner of the globe.

Being a one-stop-solution for our client’s logistics and storage needs, Zajex has been serving the industry as a reliable and top-grade logistic partner for years. We are heartily committed to providing our clients the best solutions at most realistic prices. For our clients, we put forth the ideal solutions for your shopping, shipping and storage needs and always provide specialized attention personalized specifically to your special requirements for any commodity.

Our Services

Zajel Express provides Seven services to its customers " Shopping - Shipping - Sea Freight - Transportation - Inspections - Express Freight and Pick up Request "


Zajex can buy yachts, cars, heavy machines and other items on behalf of the customer who are worried about using their credit cards. Buying yacht, cars and expensive merchandise is ver risky and needs high experience. With us, you will get a US address once you sign up with Zajex so that you can get your merchandise to your US address.


We help you enjoy big discounts on shipping internationally, plus you can select multiple items you want to ship and we can consolidate the items in a single package to help you save more on shipping.

Sea Freight

Zajex offers different shipping options to select from (shipping by Air or by Sea), the heavy materials will be costly to ship by air. Our shipping options and plans are flexible to your budget and can decrease the cost and to save you money. At Sea Freight, you can buy space in the form of containers to ship item as per your need; you can have "1/4" 20ft container or "1/2 " 20 ft container or full 20ft container or 40ft container.


Zajex stays by your side when you need to transport your yacht , car or any item you purchased from a seller that is not willing to transport it to you within USA.


We are able to inspect your Yacht or car and will provide you with inspection reports including pictures. We offer 3 kinds of inspections so you can select the preferred one for you.

Express Freight

We are partnered with the best courier companies so that our customers can enjoy highest quality freight service without any hassle or delay.

Pick-up Request

A unique service that gives you the advantage to help others like your wife, family or friend. You can keep them from paying for the shipment. When shipping items from any part of the world in case the sender doesn't have money, then you can easily make the request to pick up their item or mail from them without asking them to pay for shipping fees. You'll just need to pay the fees online and we will take care of the rest. Its easy as A B C.

Zajex will notify you by SMS if your items arrive to our warehouse. You can check your item's status by logging to your account at "My Account " then select "Order". Choose the service you want to check then in status section, check your item's condition.


This Agreement, or the User Agreement or contract , represents a legal agreement between you (“you” or “Customer”) and Zajel Express (“Zajex” or “us“). This contract will control your access and use of our website, mentioned in the Agreement as “Zajex” or the “Site” Zajex.com, you'll find the description of our services, and are all as our “Services” in this User Agreement. By agreeing to this or using Zajex website you agree to not use our Services or this Site for any illegal, illicit or unethical purposes or in any way that contradicts these terms and conditions. Your use of the website or setting up an account at Zajel Express represents your approval to confine to all the terms of this Agreement. However, if you wish to contradict any of what is mentioned in these terms & conditions please stop using Zajex.

We have the right to change or edit these terms whenever we find it necessary , and we will post them on our website Modified terms will begin their effect immediately after posting them. Your continued use of our website and services will be considered as an agreement to the modified terms.


Your Use Of The Site Or The Services:

You must not use the site to:

Harm or to endanger Zajex or users in any way, which includes but is not limited to, using information you get from Zajex against us;

Personate any person or entity or misleadingly state or otherwise believe your affiliation with an entity or person;

Distribute or convey any content that trespasses or infringes any party’s copyright, trade secret, trademark, patency or other rights.

Violate any law (regional, national, or international), intentionally or not intentionally;

Counterfeit Internet protocol headers or misrepresent identifying information in order to cloak your identity;

Deliver fake, imprecise, or incomplete details to Zajex or any government agency;

Hinder or interrupt with our Services, Site, or servers, or defy any requests, processes, plans, or rules of networks affiliated with the Site;

Gather or save personal information about other users;

Or, participate in any activities breaching the personal privacy privileges of others, such as collecting and circulating information about users without their consent, except as allowed by applicable law;


All content available on Zajex, including website design, graphics, interfaces, text and the assortment of arrangements thence is copyrighted by Zajex, with all rights reserved, or comes in the possession of Zajex or third parties secured by intellectual property rights.

Zajel Express or Zajex are our service marks and may not be used with any product or service not provided at Zajex, in any case, that can probably result in confusion among customers, or belittle or disgrace Zajex.


You must sign up for Zajex account to be able to benefit from our services. The information you provide about yourself must be true, accurate, up-to-date and complete, By signing up you agree to this , however, If the information you provided turn out to be untrue, inaccurate, outdated or inadequate, Zajex can prevent you from using the services and suspend your account.

Fraud Prevention

We are always working at Zajex to overcome payment scams and such issues. In order to do that we use fraud prevention methods these include account verification, passwords and security.


Your Zajex account can be accessed by a specific password that you choose, and you are responsible of keeping the password secure, strong and not share it with anyone. Do not reveal your password to any third party. You are completely responsible for any actions taken under your password even if you have or haven't authorized such activities or actions. If you notice any weird activity or unauthorized use of your password immediately contact Zajex.com.

Account Verification

Zajex ask you for multiple identification forms which is pointed out in Your account page. Driving license, utility bills, passport and a USPS Form 1583 are some identification forms. The more identification forms you submit to us, the greater your Verification Status and Security.

Security Hold

You will not be able to pay for anything including shipping if your account has status issues or anything that causes a security hold. Zajex will let you know if problems like that happen with your account and inform you on how to fix it.

USA Export Regulations

Every product that leaves the US must obey all US export control laws & regulations, which also include the regulations placed by the US Department of State, the US Department of Commerce, and the US Department of Treasury. You have to accept that any product will not be shipped to any country the US has stated a trade sanction or embargo against.


Be aware that you need to submit a correct address to your account, otherwise you will need to correct the address and by so you will be charged a 5$ fee. We will try to contact you, and you were not in our reach and you didn't claim the tracking details within 15 days of the arrival time, the package will be damaged.


Any shopping service item that's ordered by a customer will be stored in Zajex's warehouse and that is according to your membership details, after the time allowed to your membership is over, you will be charged a 1$ fee per day for every item. While waiting for all necessary fees & parcels to be combined.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are set by the dimensional weight or the actual weight, the one greater between the two.

Abandoned Packages

Packages shipped to a customer's address, if it neither you or a representative receives it, the package will get damaged after 5 days.


If you order multiple packages you can get them all consolidated into a single box or more depending of the quantity of items, this will save you a good amount of shipping cost.

Billing Problems

You have the right to review all billing charges. If any sort of conflict in billing is required to be described within a week, after a week no refunds will happen.

Our Liability

Zajex’s accountability shall not surpass the handling fees amount (apart from actual shipping fees). for shipped packages.

You shall make sure and hold Zajex harmless from any & all claims, which includes legal fees obtained from protecting against said claims, from 3rd parties developing from transmission of the package/mail delivered to the customer through Zajex.

Missing and Lost Packages

If a package gets lost or damaged, the customer should claim a file within 10 days, using the package's owner account. After the given 10 days, all claims will not be accepted.

Delay in tracking your package.

Some packages take more time to be tracked within Zajex's warehouse. there will be no extra compensation for that, nor free delivery of that package, but if the package was sent to a different address than the customer's, Zajex will be responsible of getting the package back to that customer.


All customers of Zajex accept that Zajex has the authority to terminate anyone's access to its services, and also remove anything from its services for any reason, and If Zajex believes that a customer has broken any of the things listed in this agreement. You as a customer also accept that with no prior notice your access can be terminated to Zajex services. All customers have the right to cancel their accounts by contacting our customer support.


You accept to indemnify Zajex and everyone that represents it from all claims and damages, duo to any of the following:

Entire Agreement

This agreement succeeds any other understanding (verbal or written) between you & us regarding the terms and conditions.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Zajex services are "as is" without any kind of warranty, Zajex doesn't accept any guarantees of merchantability, suitability for any particular purpose, or non-violation, Zajex doesn't state that the system works 100% properly or that anything provided is unchangeable or complete, you also agree that you will no blame Zajex for any kind of loss that happens to such agreements or the presence of third party adverts on Zajex's website.

Force Majeure

Customers can't blame zajex for any problem that happens beyond its control.


All other rules remain forceful, if any others were enforceable or denied by law.

No Waiver

No rule will be changed except those written & signed by Zajex.

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM
Sun 9AM-3PM

Our Location

7 Mary St. Whitesboro
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