Storage and Consolidation

You can store your orders on Zajex without any worries. Keep you shipments with us and get your multiple purchases in a single order. Our storage facilities are secure, efficient, and affordable. We employ a greater level of expertise in our storage facilities and keep your products in our climate controlled warehouse.

After receiving all your orders, we will ship the product to your address anywhere across the globe. To increase your savings on the shipping costs, we offer our consolidation service and combine all of the packages. It works specifically the most when you want to ship, into a single box. Repacking you items into one shipment will reduce the combined weight and eventually your shipping cost.

Even if you have a large order, we can also repack your shipment in a smaller carton to help you save more on the shipping costs.

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM
Sun 9AM-3PM

Our Location

7 Mary St. Whitesboro
NY, 13492