Road transportation is a must for flexible deliveries! When your shipment arrives at the port, our truckers will take charge of it. When your consignment has miles to ride, Zajex can get it done right. With hi-tech security and tracking technology for visibility and instant communications that keep you informed, we'll deliver what we promise.

Expert Driving Unit:

When it comes to professionals and precautions, our truckers are the best. They, collectively, have an experience of driving more than thousands of safe miles. Our sheer focus on safety intends that your cargo will be delivered to its destination, safely and on the dot.

Valuable Items:

High value loads that require utmost security, Zajel Express has literally set the standards very high. Our uncompromising approach on quality and security guarantees that you will not find any security holes at any phase in the supply chain process.

Besides just delivering your goods, we also offer full services and smooth your entire supply chain, ranging from packing to distribution and we also handle the after-sales business.



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