Want to get your products shipped from one corner of the Earth to another? We can help! From small packages to heavy-weight yachts, Zajex Express can get all your shipping needs covered. We ship anything, anywhere.

Zajel Express makes transnational shipping a cinch! Our shipping professionals can help you with light weight parcels, LTL (less then truckload) bulk cargo, & specialty carriers. Shipping is a task you cannot handover to just any freight company, but you can stay calm while shipping internationally with us, as our experts provide instant estimates and handle the whole shipping process for you, from collection to delivery. Our systematic processes and online systems completely manage your whole shopping progress and provide you the required details, including order completion and tracking information.

No matter what your shipping needs are, we evaluate your timeframe, budget, and destination to select the most suitable delivery option for you. And, don’t worry about paperwork and tracking, we’ll do it for you. Just take a deep breath and rest assured that your box, crate or cargo is in safe hands of shipping professionals working at Zajex Express.



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