Before buying bulky products such a yacht and car, it is important to make sure that the product is in good state. When we shop such products on your behalf, we inspect the item so that our customers get exactly what they are paying for. The inspection of cargo consists of a comprehensive analysis of the products prior to being dispatched and upon deliverance to the client.

From pre-shopping to export, we examine the warehouses and storage tanks, and check your goods across the transportation process. We also make sure your products meet international standards and more specifically your customer's standards.

Inspection services, we provide, offers the assurance that the merchandise arrives at the final destination, measuring up to all of the necessary specifications. We work closely with our partners worldwide that enable us to provide quality inspection service anywhere it is required.

Our inspections deliver risk commentary, damage evaluations, verification for consideration and regulatory compliance verification at national and international stages. Our inspection reports include pictures, comprehensive observations, and relevant details

Rest assured that all our inspection services meet international industry standards.



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