Get Your Own US Address! Like buying things online from the US? We help you shop just like an American! At Zajex, you are provided with your own virtual American address to facilitate your purchasing from US retailers without worrying about international deliveries. How frustrating it could be that you search hours and hours for a desired product, but the retailer ...

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Want to get your products shipped from one corner of the Earth to another? We can help! From small packages to heavy-weight yachts, Zajex Express can get all your shipping needs covered. We ship anything, anywhere. Zajel Express makes transnational shipping a cinch! Our shipping professionals can help you with light weight parcels, LTL (less then truckload) bulk cargo, & speci...

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Sea Freight

Want to send a large volume of merchandises offshore? Look no forward to Zajel Express (Zaj-Ex). If cost, timely delivery and shipment safety are your primary concerns, then our sea freight services can help you in the best possible manner, regardless of how heavy and large your shipment is. For years, we have been shipping significant volumes and thus we can offer you the capacity, quality, security, ...

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Road transportation is a must for flexible deliveries! When your shipment arrives at the port, our truckers will take charge of it. When your consignment has miles to ride, Zajex can get it done right. With hi-tech security and tracking technology for visibility and instant communications that keep you informed, we'll deliver what we promise. Expert Driving Unit: When it come...

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Before buying bulky products such a yacht and car, it is important to make sure that the product is in good state. When we shop such products on your behalf, we inspect the item so that our customers get exactly what they are paying for. The inspection of cargo consists of a comprehensive analysis of the products prior to being dispatched and upon deliverance to the client. From pre-sh...

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Express Mail

At Zajel Express, we handle delivery depots, carriers and transport networks extending to all states in the US, which allows us to make urgent deliveries. Regardless of the distance and region, our clients always count on us to deliver the order on time, efficiently and at affordable rates. Urgent transportation services are one of our prime concerns! You will never hear apologies and ex...

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Pick-up Request

Save yourself some fuel if your nearby post office is not that much near and get help carrying the parcel’s burden. If you've a large parcel to be delivered, then you just need to take it to your home’s doorstep. Zajel Express delivers your package in the fastest transit time, and helps you gain grounds with our high-grade, door-to-door and time definite service. Zajel Express offers...

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