How do I get my US address?

Once you have signed up your account on ZajEx.com, we will create a shipping address for you that will be available on your ZajEx Account.

When can I start using the address assigned to me?

As soon as you receive the membership confirmation email from our representative, you can start shopping all U.S store! Our team will immediately start receiving your merchandise in your stead on the virtual address we provide you with.

Is that virtual address a street address or a PO BOX one?

The address we provide you with is a complete street address, not a P.O. Box. Many retailers do not deliver to PO BOX addresses; therefore we do not prefer using them.

Can I shop US stores from any other country?

Our services are effective in all countries across the globe except the embargoed ones, including Ukraine, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, and Syria.

How much will be the shipping charges to my country?

You can request a free quote on our website. We will calculate the parcel weight your country’s duties and custom charges and all the expenses involved. We’ll them inform you of the total charges included. There is no hidden cost in our pricing plans.

What is consolidated package and do you offer this?

Yes, we offer consolidated packages. To minimize the space acquired by your packages and reducing the shipping cost, we can put your packages into a bigger one. This is called consolidated packages.

What if the received product that is received on US address is faulty, wrong or undesired?

ZajEx can help arrange the return and refund to that retailer. Many U.S. merchandisers offer free return services through certain carriers, whereas, some retailers do not accept returns. Make sure to read the return policy of a store before buying from it.

Can my US address expire?

No, the US addressed we provide does not expire.

How will ZajEx determine that the package belongs to me?

Once your registration is completed, along with the address we will allot you a mailbox number too. Your shipping address will include this box number and the street address we provide you. In this way, the arrived package will have your name and mailbox number. After receiving it, we will inform you via email. Your package will also be displayed on your account.

What payment methods are accepted at ZajEx?

ZajEx accepts wire transfers, credit cards (excluding certain countries), Knet, and PayPal.

Do the shipping rates include all expenses like tariffs, customs fees or taxes?

Our shipping rates do not include the import or custom fees for shipments entering your boundaries. These expenses are not paid by ZajEx.

When do I get billed for shipping charges?

We will charge the shipping expenses from your account the minute we process your shipping request. Kindly make sure your account have enough finances to pay for your shipping charges before making an order. We will verify funds before approving your shipment request.

How can I assess the shipping weight?

You can calculate the weight either as the actual weight or the dimensional one. The former is the weight of the parcel calculated by measuring scale. Whereas, the Dimensional weight is the results of multiplying the package dimensions in inches, that is Height x Weight x Depth and then dividing by the "DIM Factor" of 139.

When will I receive my shipments?

The transportation time for our express delivery is typically one to four business days.

How can personal shopper work for me?

When the retailer does not accept the payment method you prefer, we can help you in buying the product easily.All you need to do is to provide our team with your order information or link, and they will get the items for you in your stead. We will charge the cost of the order from your account along with a negligible processing fee.

Can I use ZajEx’s Personal Shopper services to buy items auction sites?

Yes, you can use our services and we can also bid on your behalf. After bidding in your stead, when you won a product or want to buy it, we will work as your representative to buy the items. Please note that buying from bidding on auction websites is risky and we are in no case responsible for any products not received from such sources.

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