About Us

Zajel Express initiated its journey as a package forwarding company for international customers who are eager to buy items from US-based websites that do not provide worldwide shipping. We provide our consumers with a reliable access to their desired retailers by a US residential address, and dispatched their packages from our distribution centers to any corner of the globe.

Being a one-stop-solution for our client’s logistics and storage needs, Zajex Express has been the serving the industry as a reliable and top-grade logistic partner for years. We are heartily committed to providing the best solutions at most realistic prices. For our clients, we put forth the ideal solutions for your shopping, shipping and storage needs and always provide specialized attention personalized specifically to your special requirements for any commodity.


We have sifted out the best professionals of the industry to work with us as a team, so that we can take leverage from their profound insights and capitalize on bleeding-edge technology to make your overseas shopping and shipping experience a breeze. Our team is competent, creative and conversant in all transportation fields


Surprisingly, the freight industry is a very lucrative and productive market that still relies on old-school practices. Our diverse team of experts and their vision is what gives us a higher leap over our competitors in the market where the processes revolve around phone calls, faxes and emails. At Zajex Express, we understand the need of having a better, smarter means to function in this industry. That’s why, we have created a tech-based system to streamline complex transportation and warehousing processes and transparency, productivity, and trust.

It’s our prime aim to make logistics feasible, fair, and well-organized by using the market-leading technology. With a diverse array of services including, warehousing and storage, order inspection and ocean, over-the-road, and air transportation, we are working as a leading transportation and storage partner in the industry.


Working Hours

Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM
Sun 9AM-3PM

Our Location

7 Mary St. Whitesboro
NY, 13492